Brush up Your Homes Curb Appeal with a Fresh Coat of Paint

Brush up Your Home  Paint

Brush up Your Home Paint

Brush up Your Home’s Curb Appeal with a Fresh Coat of Paint

In a highly competitive real estate market, it’s the small perks that often determine whether a home will sell quickly.
While you don’t want to spend a bundle remodeling your home, little improvements can make a big difference. Once of the easiest cost effective ways to add a touch of zest to any home is with a new coat of paint. Painting is relatively inexpensive and can make a dramatic difference to your homes exterior.

Did you know most visitors will form an opinion of your property in less than a minute? That’s why it’s vital your homes exterior portray a fresh clean image. Before slapping on a new coat of paint though, there are several points you’ll want to consider. A little careful planning beforehand can result in a beautiful home that’s attractive to a high percentage of prospective buyers.

Don’t Neglect the Prep Work

Although painting isn’t a major project, it does require a bit of time and dedication. Simply painting over dull flaking paint will do little to boost a homes appearance. Instead be sure to take the time to properly prep the surface before starting. This will both improve the end result and increase the lifespan of your new coat of paint.

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Before starting to paint, you’ll want to have a clean exterior. A power washer is your best bet for this task. If you

Brush up Your Home

Brush up Your Home

don’t own one, you can rent a machine for a small fee. After cleaning your home, check for chipped, wrinkling, or flaking paint. Sanding or scraping the affected areas will often correct the problem. For more serious paint problems, you may need to strip the paint off first.

Though it may seem like a lot of extra work, surface preparation can have the greatest impact on the overall appearance. Take the extra time needed to make sure your job is done correctly.

Choose Top Grade Acrylic Latex Paint


Since paint is highly affordable compared to other home improvement projects, why not choose the best quality paint for the job? Whether you intend to complete the task yourself or hire someone else, it only makes sense to purchase the best paint possible. A quality brand can extend the life of your paint job and will produce an eye pleasing end result.

A good acrylic latex paint provides additional benefits. Generally the ingredients in this type of paint are moisture resistant, which helps to prevent any unwanted mold or mildew growth. A latex paint also contains strong binders that both help to bond the pigments together and make the paint easier to apply.

Select Neutral Colors for the Best Results

Once you’ve decided to repaint your home, try not to let your personal tastes affect your color decision. Sure there

Brush up Your Home’s Curb Appeal with a Fresh Coat of Paint

Brush up Your Home’s Curb Appeal with a Fresh Coat of Paint

are several less popular colors that are attractive, but your goal is to appeal to the greatest number of home buyers. By choosing a light neutral color, home buyers can alter the color more easily in the future if desired. White, cream, and beige shades are the most popular traditional colors.

Bathroom furniture sale Lastly, you don’t want to forget the doorway. Although you may not wish to paint your door fire engine red, you can be a little more adventurous when selecting a shade. A bold rich color is a nice compliment to a neutral shaded home. Don’t forget to include your door trim too. Repainting the entire exterior of your home is a great way to boost curb appeal and possibly greatly increase the homes value.

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